Residential Asbestos

Best Residential Asbestos Services in Brisbane

If you have a need for residential asbestos services, The Asbestos Guys, based in Brisbane, are here to help.  There is no job that we cannot tackle with our team of experienced, friendly, and highly trained technicians.

Whether you simply need an inspection to locate asbestos-containing materials before a property transfer, or you are about to undertake a major renovation, we can help ensure the safety of you and your family.  Call us at (07) 4243 4747 today to speak with our expert staff about our residential asbestos services. 

Where Is The Asbestos In My Home?

Asbestos, in its heyday, was almost ubiquitous in its usage in the construction industry.  As such, it can be found in just about every room of a pre-1990 house.  Here are some locations that may contain asbestos:


  • Tile backsplash
  • Sheeting under tile floors
  • Ceramic tile backing and adhesive
  • Vinyl tiles and the backing of sheet vinyl


  • Hot water pipe insulated lagging
  • Wall panel finishes – decorative or functional
  • Cement flooring
  • Wall and ceiling linings
  • Pipes used for water supply and sewage

Bedroom and Study

  • Carpet underlay
  • Internal angle moldings
  • Internal walls and ceiling
  • The backing of sheet vinyl flooring

Living Room

  • Flue to the fireplace
  • Low-density asbestos fibreboard sheeting

Basement, Garage, and Storage

  • Hot water piping connectors to the wall
  • Subflooring under the water heater
  • Compressed asbestos sheet cement flooring
  • Power box backing
  • Wall sheeting

Roof and Exterior

  • Ridge cappers
  • Internal and external ventilators
  • Eaves and gable ends
  • Gutters and downspouts
  • Loose-fill insulation
  • Asbestos-cement shingles and tiles
  • Window and door insulation putty
  • Storm water piping

Given that over 2,000 asbestos-containing products were on the market at one time, there are many areas in your home that may be affected.  Our helpful experts can find those areas of exposure and determine if any of them place you at risk. 

What Residential Asbestos Services Do We Provide to Brisbane?

The Asbestos Guys are the top full-service asbestos company in the region.  We have decades of experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and a service mindset that is unparalleled. 

When you call us with your asbestos problem, you can be assured that we will provide the most thorough and complete solution – all at an affordable price.  Your safety and the safety of your family are foremost in our minds. 

Although asbestos is scary and many companies make their services seem quite complex, there are really only two parts to any residential asbestos work.  The first is an inspection of the home to locate and evaluate the condition of all asbestos.  The second is the removal or remediation of any asbestos that could be dangerous to human health. 

Whether you are doing repairs on your plumbing system, renovating your kitchen, doing demolition for a new addition, or selling /buying a property, those two services are the ones your residence needs. 

Asbestos Inspection

Inspection focuses on searching for asbestos-containing materials and sampling for airborne asbestos.  Our highly skilled technicians have years of experience.  They can find all your likely asbestos-containing substances and send them back to our laboratory.  Furthermore, they can sample the air in your house and determine if you have loose fibres in the environment.

Asbestos is much safer when embedded in an intact material, like a tile backsplash, attic insulation, or roof shingles.  However, when those substances are aged or damaged in any way, the asbestos can become brittle and crumble. 

When this occurs, fibres and dust are easily released into the atmosphere where someone in the home can breathe them in.  The fibres can lodge in the lungs, where they can cause diseases such as mesothelioma and asbestosis. 

Our inspection team will look for any material that might contain asbestos.  If they find something that appears old or damaged, they will bring a sample back to our state-of-the-art laboratory and examine it for the presence or absence of asbestos fibres. 

The technicians will also use air sampling equipment within your home.  This will provide a rapid check of baseline asbestos levels and will allow for an understanding of the current hazard.

Upon completion of all testing and lab analysis, The Asbestos Guys will provide you a comprehensive report about your asbestos risk and where the asbestos surfaces in the home are located. 

Using this report, we can determine whether your project will disturb existing asbestos locations, and thereby warrant removal.

Asbestos Abatement

If your home renovation or demolition is going to damage existing asbestos-containing materials in the home, then the wisest course of action is to remove those materials prior to beginning work.  Proper asbestos removal is a task that our professionals are fully licensed and qualified to perform safely.

Our technicians know all the regulatory requirements for asbestos pre-abatement activities and work area preparation.  They are adept at establishing containment barriers and decontamination units.  They will use respirators and protective clothing in order to keep themselves safe in the asbestos zone, and then will thoroughly decontaminate themselves when leaving the zone in order to protect you and your family.  The team understands all the safety requirements in the abatement area and is trained to properly handle and dispose of asbestos waste.

No matter whether your asbestos-containing materials need to be removed or encapsulated, you can count on The Asbestos Guys to handle your job with diligence and care.  We guarantee your safety and satisfaction.

If you are looking for the most reliable and affordable asbestos experts in Brisbane, call our knowledgeable and experienced staff at (07) 4243 4747 today!