Industrial Asbestos

The Top Industrial Asbestos Services in Brisbane

Industrial processes in Brisbane are more demanding than any other, and you need the best when looking for industrial asbestos services.  In industry, safety is paramount and compliance with governmental regulations is critical.  You need a partner to help you navigate the complexities of any industrial project associated with asbestos. 

The Asbestos Guys have the experience and expertise to solve your most challenging industrial asbestos problems.  We are Brisbane’s leading firm in this field.  Call us at (07) 4243 4747 to speak with our professional staff about industrial asbestos services. 

Our Industrial Asbestos Services

We provide a full range of asbestos services.  Whether you are looking for a complete solution or simply consultation on a small segment of your project, we are ready help you out.

We offer all needed industrial asbestos services including:

  • Project management
  • Inspection for asbestos in industrial spaces
  • Asbestos sampling of air and materials
  • Development of asbestos abatement plans, specifications, and scope of work
  • Review of contractor bids and cost estimates
  • Full asbestos abatement and abatement oversight
  • Litigation support services

Industrial Asbestos Remediation

One of the most difficult asbestos-related projects to do effectively and well is the full-scope remediation.  The Asbestos Guys are the region’s experts at these projects and can provide your industrial site with the following: 

  • The full gamut of capabilities.  We do site assessment, asbestos sampling, and remediation.  We provide demolition and disposal services, as well as reconstruction and remodeling.  We are a single stop for the identification, removal, and disposal of asbestos-containing materials.  Our comprehensive services in asbestos assessment, management, and abatement are the finest in the region.
  • Remediation methods.  We will evaluate your project to determine if encapsulation or removal is the best option for your industrial site.  Any demolition will done by our trained experts.  Of course, we also ensure full regulatory compliance in all remediation efforts—to include removal and disposal.
  • Applications.  Our services are available for all areas of your industrial site.  We work on ceiling and floor tiles, as well as insulation and installed fireproofing materials.
  • Types of facilities.  We have experience working in a wide variety of industrial locations.  We can help if you have an active industrial facility that needs an asbestos survey.  We can help if you are repurposing your facility and need remediation.  And we can help if you have an abandoned site that needs cleanup for future sale.
  • Other benefits.  Our company provides a rapid, 24/7 response throughout the Brisbane area.  We also can provide turnkey project management and let you focus on your business. 

Our Industrial Asbestos Services Advantage

The Asbestos Guys will find you the most effective and least costly solution to your asbestos problem.  We are practical in our outlook and can provide you with a number of reasonable maintenance or abatement options. 

Industrial sites undergo renovation, demolition far more frequently than residential properties.  These projects are time-consuming and expensive, so any delay in the timeline is unacceptable.  The Asbestos Guys understand this and can help you plan so that your project is not taken off course by asbestos issues or unanticipated regulations. 

The inconveniences of regulatory compliance and the associated costs are unavoidable, but we can help you build them into your plan from the beginning.  Our evaluation is a comprehensive look at the control and management of the project from an asbestos point of view.  Thus, you can use our report to evaluate future operations and maintenance costs and also to act as a scope of work for your contractors to bid on the project. 

After your project is complete, you will receive a complete report on the services provided.  This may include a day-by-day log of remediation activities, the results of air monitoring, waste disposal records, and/or all documents required by regulating agencies.

In any scenario, our input allows you regulatory protection and greater certainty for your project.  Whether you need assistance with bidding preparation, remediation or removal oversight, exposure monitoring, or regulatory compliance documentation, The Asbestos Guys are ready to assist. 

Besides our asbestos survey and abatement experts, our team includes industrial hygienists, safety professionals, engineers, public health practitioners, paralegals, and risk assessors.  We have the trained talent to develop solutions for your most pressing asbestos-related problems.  Our skilled professionals will give you peace of mind by minimizing the exposure and risks of your project through a sound, defensible scientific approach.

We will set your venture up for success as we recognize previously unseen risks, manage known ones, comply with governmental regulation, and place you on a solid legal footing. 

If you are looking for the most reliable and affordable asbestos experts in Brisbane, call our knowledgeable and experienced staff at (07) 4243 4747 today!