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Are you in Brisbane and in need of asbestos testing services?  Then look no further – The Asbestos Guys are here to help. 

No matter the size and scope of your project, our expert technicians can sample and test any material in your structure.  Further, we have the full range of air and dust testing capability, ensuring that you will know of any asbestos hazard.  We are the premier asbestos testing firm in Brisbane – call us at (07) 4243 4747 to discuss your project.

When Do I Need To Test For Asbestos?

Many building owners do not have a sense of when an asbestos testing regime is a logical thing to implement.  Although there are a myriad of times when testing might make sense, there are some specific points where you really should test.  This is particularly true if your building had any parts manufactured prior to 2003. 

You should test for asbestos prior to starting a renovation project.  This sampling schema does not have to be universal throughout the building.  Rather, it can be done only in the areas that are to be affected by the project.  The rest of the structure can remain intact or can be surveyed using non-destructive methods.

If you plan on doing any demolition work, and particularly for a full demolition project, you need to have the building sampled for asbestos.  The force associated with demolition can easily damage previously sound asbestos-containing materials, allowing asbestos fibre release into the environment.  The fibres can enter the air and cause an unsafe worksite for the demolition crew.  Moreover, it can create a hazardous area for passersby.

In older buildings, routine asbestos auditing is part of registry maintenance.  This regulatory requirement provides an up-to-date record of a building’s asbestos-containing material.  This registry must be made available to the building manager, governmental officials, and building occupants.  Additionally, as asbestos-containing materials age, their structural integrity can degrade.  This may lead to friable asbestos in the building, which can be disturbed through everyday activities such as routine maintenance and cleaning.  Asbestos fibres may unwittingly be released into the air, leading to increased health risks. 

Finally, you should test for asbestos if there are any complaints from the building’s occupants.  A person with management or control of a building should be aware of the ordinances that require that building’s asbestos risk to be documented.  The occupants have a legal right to a safe and healthy environment.  In order to avoid legal action, it is prudent to perform due diligence when informed of potential asbestos, and have testing performed.  As we test, we may find there is asbestos that needs to be managed, or we may find your building is asbestos-free, which would reduce your risk of litigation.  Regardless, it is far better to respond quickly to a complaint than to ignore it and invite regulatory scrutiny or legal ramifications.  Call The Asbestos Guys and let us bring you peace of mind.

Our Sampling Team

Our knowledgeable technicians use industry best-practices in our sampling techniques.  Years of experience ensure that we sample in the least invasive and safest manner possible.  We use the highest levels of hygiene in order to prevent illness in those who occupy your building.

The experts at The Asbestos Guys will remove the asbestos sample while generating the minimum amount of dust and debris possible.  If the asbestos-containing site appears particularly friable, we may create a glove-bag around the sample location in order to further reduce the potential environmental release of fibres. 

The area will be wetted and the air misted prior to us taking any sample.  Poly-sheeting will be placed under the sample sites to collect dust.  Any dust generated will be wet-wiped upon completion of the sampling process.

Your safety is chief amongst our concerns, and you can rest assured that we will do nothing in the sampling process that puts your building occupants at risk.

Our Testing Methods

At The Asbestos Guys laboratory, we have three primary methods by which we test samples for asbestos.  All are fully approved by the National Association of Testing Authorities lab credentialling body and comply with all regulatory guidelines.  We can test your material samples via polarized light microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, and phase contrast microscopy. 

Polarized light microscopy is the most common and accepted means to test bulk samples for asbestos.  Our analysts use the polarized light microscope on the fibrous portion of the sample to determine the type and estimated percentage of asbestos in the sample.  To further hone that estimate, we can do a polarized light microscopy point count on a portion of the material.  We also can do gravimetric point counts using heat and acid to break down the material if needed.  Polarized light microscopy can only visualize asbestos fibres that are greater than 0.2 microns in diameter and so we also have the capability of performing transmission electron microscopy.

We use transmission electron microscopy on air and other samples where the expected count of asbestos is low.  In particular, we commonly use this method for clearance samples after we remove and dispose of all asbestos in a project.  However, it can also be used in materials where the asbestos is tightly bound to the organic matrix.  Heat and acid treatment of the original sample results in a residue that is examined for residual asbestos particles.  Transmission electron microscopy can visualize much smaller asbestos fibres than polarized light microscopy, but may miss very large fibres.

Phase-contrast microscopy is a method that examines air samples and monitors asbestos levels before, during, and after your project.  Estimating concentrations of asbestos in air is important as you move through the phases of your project in order to determine if the remediation is effective. 

Our highly skilled technical experts will thoroughly evaluate your samples for asbestos, assuring the safety of your building’s occupants.

The Asbestos Guys are ready to provide Brisbane with whatever asbestos testing services are needed.  Let us identify and solve your asbestos problem.

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