Asbestos Roof Removal

The Highest Quality Asbestos Roof Removal For Brisbane

Most buildings in Brisbane built before 1989 will need to have an asbestos roof removal when it is time to repair or replace their roof.  If you believe you may have asbestos-containing materials in your roof, you should contact an asbestos roof removal company before doing any work that could put your health and safety at risk. 

The Asbestos Guys are here to help.  We have over 30 years of experience in the asbestos industry and our expert technicians know how to remove or repair an asbestos roof safely and in accordance with all regulations. If you live in Brisbane and need asbestos roof removal, give us a call.

Asbestos Roofing Materials

Asbestos was added to a wide array of roofing materials over the years.  This substance added durability, strength, fireproofing, and insulation to the roof without significantly increasing its weight or cost. 

Specific roofing products that have been documented to contain asbestos include:

  • Asphalt and cement roofing shingles
  • Roof underlayment
  • Flashing
  • Asphalt roofing felt
  • Sealants
  • Adhesives
  • Mastics
  • Coatings
  • Vapor retardants

With all these materials containing asbestos, how is a property owner supposed to know if they have an asbestos issue prior to working on a roof?  After all, it is impossible to figure out if there is asbestos in a roof simply by looking at it.  Truly, the only way to know for sure is to have a certified asbestos contractor like The Asbestos Guys examine the property, take samples, and analyze them in the lab. 

Our professionals know how to sample all the roof parts without making the worksite unsafe or unhealthy.  We understand that we must sample all layers of the roof because asbestos may not be evenly distributed throughout the roof. 

What Do You Do With Asbestos Roofing Materials?

First, it is important to know that asbestos roofing in excellent condition does not pose an inherent health hazard to your structure.  As long as it does not release asbestos fibres into the environment, the risk is minimal. 

And one of the benefits of asbestos is its extreme durability.  Indeed, some asbestos-based roofing products were designed to last for 100 years.  So if your roof is in fine condition, there may be little need to undertake roof removal.

However, damaged roofing certainly needs to be addressed.  At times, we can repair those roofing materials and have them be safe for people on the property.  This usually entails either sealing or covering the asbestos so that it cannot be released into the environment.  Repairs tend to be less expensive than a full re-roofing, but a repair also is less durable.  Additionally, a repair may make a future roof removal more difficult, and thus, more expensive. 

Repairs are good, but there are times and conditions in which an entire asbestos roof removal must occur.  Age, heat, water, weather, and damage can take a previously intact roof and make it friable.  Once this happens, it takes only a paltry force to damage the roofing materials and release asbestos into the air.  This release poses a significant health risk to humans and should quickly be corrected. 

Even the act of replacing a roof in good condition can create friable asbestos.  Cutting shingles and rupturing adhesive are two ways in which this may occur.  Given the ease by which that sort of damage may occur during roof removal, we highly recommend using a reliable and responsible asbestos roofing specialist like The Asbestos Guys.

Reasons For Asbestos Roof Removal in Brisbane

We have discussed that a roof in good shape likely does not need removal or replacement just because it contains asbestos.  However, there are a number of reasons one might want to conduct an asbestos roof removal.

For example, a purchaser may be less likely to want to buy a property if it has an older asbestos roof.  The liability that comes with a known health hazard is not one that many people want to accept.  Furthermore, they may see an eventual roof replacement in their future and not want to take on that additional cost.

Concerns about the health of family, employees, and customers in an asbestos environment may also lead a property owner to desire a roof replacement.  This group, in particular, should look at hiring a professional roof removal company rather than take this on as a do it yourself project.  After all, the dangers of asbestos are real, known, and scientifically proven. Hiring a professional effectively mitigates that risk.

If you are considering renovating your building and the project would significantly disrupt the roof’s integrity, it might be wiser to take the opportunity to replace the roof.  Even a small renovation can damage a roof, and so an asbestos professional’s help would be an excellent investment.

Older roofs can get to a point where they start to fall apart.  Roof age leads to wear and tear that eventually has to be addressed.  The deterioration of the roof has the potential to cause the release of asbestos into the air, where it would become a health hazard.  This may seem to be cheap in the short run, but when you take regulatory compliance and liability risks into concern, the more cost-effective option might actually be an asbestos roof removal. 

Hiring An Asbestos Roofing Professional

It is clear that the improper handling of asbestos is a danger both to the worker and to all others in the vicinity.  It holds the risk of great liability as well as civil penalties if all regulations are not closely followed. 

The Asbestos Guys are licensed and highly experienced in all aspects of asbestos and asbestos roof removal in Brisbane.  We do the job quickly, cleanly, and safely so we can quickly return the building back to its normal condition.  Contact us today and let us take care of your asbestos problem.

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