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The Best Asbestos Removal Company in Brisbane The Asbestos Guys are second to none when it comes to asbestos removal in Brisbane.  We have the most extensive experience in the region and can take on any sized challenge.  Our trained

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Asbestos Testing

The #1 Rated Asbestos Testing in Brisbane Are you in Brisbane and in need of asbestos testing services?  Then look no further – The Asbestos Guys are here to help.  No matter the size and scope of your project, our

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Asbestos Disposal

#1 Asbestos Disposal in Brisbane The Asbestos Guys is a Brisbane company that can assist with any asbestos disposal needs you may have.  Whether you have industrial, commercial, or residential asbestos, we can help you dispose of it in a

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Brisbane Asbestos Removal

If you are looking for the most highly rated asbestos removal company in Brisbane, look no further.

Here at The Asbestos Guys, we have decades of experience in every facet of asbestos services and are ready to solve your asbestos problem today.  Whether you need asbestos removal, asbestos testing, or asbestos disposal, we have the knowledge and skills to do the project in the most effective and safest way possible.

Place a quick call to (07) 4243 4747 and speak with one of our highly trained and friendly technicians.  Let us show you what hundreds of Brisbane residents already know – that we are the best asbestos removal company in the region.

What Is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a term that refers to a group of six naturally occurring silicate minerals.  They all have the property of containing microscopic fibres that can be released into the air by any number of means.

These fibres, when inhaled or ingested, are known to cause disease in humans.  In fact, this natural substance is both toxic and cancer-causing.  Asbestos was found to be harmful in the early 1900s, and since that time, it has been definitively linked to mesothelioma, gastrointestinal cancer, asbestosis, lung cancer, and pleural plaques.

Despite its dangers, asbestos was used in construction for many years, and most Brisbane structures built before 1990 have a high likelihood of containing asbestos in their materials.

If your building is at risk for asbestos, or if you know that you have asbestos in your structure, The Asbestos Guys can help.  We provide the widest range of asbestos services in the area, and we are ready to find and eliminate this danger to your health.

Where Do You Find Asbestos?

Although the cancer-causing risks of asbestos have been known for years, it was not until 2003 that the country banned the substance.  It is estimated that two-thirds of all structures built before the early 1980s contain asbestos.

You might ask why was there such widespread use of such a dangerous mineral.

The answer is that asbestos has a number of properties that make it an excellent construction material.

Asbestos is very heat resistant and is an excellent insulator.  Additionally, this substance is a potent fire-retardant and is fibrous in nature.  This allowed it to be worked into cloth and other materials, just like any other fibre could be.  Asbestos also is quite abundant, so it was easy to obtain and was quite inexpensive.

The items made with asbestos number into the thousands and many of them exist in Brisbane buildings to this very day.

Some specific items that may contain asbestos include anything that a builder wanted to make more flame resistant.  This includes roofing materials, adhesives, mastics, and duct connectors.  They also used asbestos in electrical box components, tiles, and loose-fill insulation.  Vinyl flooring, drywall, and siding also often contain the mineral.

With so many building components that might contain asbestos, it makes sense to call a full-service asbestos provider like The Asbestos Guys to do your asbestos removal work.

What Asbestos Services Do We Provide?

At The Asbestos Guys, we provide the widest range of asbestos services available in the Brisbane area.  With over 30 years in the industry, we have grown our company into the leading asbestos services provider in the region.

Your satisfaction is important to us, and so we guarantee our work.  We are confident that you will be happy with our service, and we can provide you references from our hundreds of satisfied customers.

Our core services include:

As you can see, we are able to take your project from cradle to grave if you so desire.  Alternatively, you can choose a la carte what services you would like us to provide.  The choice is yours.

Either way, you will get the highest quality service and a warranty on any work we do.  You truly cannot go wrong by calling The Asbestos Guys.

If you are looking for reliable and affordable asbestos removal in Brisbane, call our knowledgeable and experienced staff

Call (07) 4243 4747 today!

Asbestos Inspection

Any asbestos job begins with an inspection.  You need to know what you are dealing with when it comes to asbestos, and the inspection is the way to find out.

An initial survey is undertaken to see if your building contains asbestos, and whether that asbestos needs to be removed.  It also is done as part of audit compliance, which requires an inspection in order to create or update a building’s asbestos registry.

We also provide soil examinations that can determine if asbestos fibres are present in the land around your building.  This provides excellent information about how friable your exterior asbestos may be.

We do post-remediation surveys to see if the building is safe to occupy after asbestos-related work is complete.  We want to ensure the removal process was done properly.  This inspection will often include air sampling in order to verify that there are no airborne asbestos fibres in your building.

Asbestos Testing

Because asbestos fibres are microscopic in size, a visual inspection is rarely sufficient to fully evaluate a building for asbestos.  Instead, we need samples that can be tested for the mineral.

These samples must then be sent to a reference laboratory for analysis.  For many companies, this becomes a costly and time-consuming problem.

However, at The Asbestos Guys, this is not a problem at all.

We run our very own National Association of Testing Authorities accredited laboratory.  This allows us to quickly analyze any samples that are taken during the inspection process.  You get the answers you need in a time frame that lets you take action.

We use state-of-the-art equipment and processes such as polarizing light microscopy and transmission electron microscopy to search for and find any asbestos in your samples.  We can do further evaluation to quantify the percentage of asbestos present, in order to help you understand your risk.

This on-site testing capability makes us the regional leader when it comes to asbestos services in Brisbane.  There is no one better to take on your job and remove asbestos from your building.

Asbestos Removal in Brisbane

Often, when a large quantity of asbestos-containing materials are found in a building, an asbestos removal project must be undertaken.  A significant amount of asbestos is very difficult to repair, and so it makes more financial sense to remove it.

Our teams of technicians are experts in asbestos removal.  They know every regulatory requirement regarding this topic and follow our industry-leading standard operating procedures on every job they do.  It may take them a little more time to finish the job, but that is only because they are so thorough in both the removal of the waste and the safety of the worksite.

You can expect the following from our technicians when they come to remove the asbestos from your building.

  • The techs will hang plastic sheeting to block off the removal area from the rest of the building. All seams will be double taped shut and thoroughly checked for structural integrity prior to beginning the asbestos removal.  This makes sure that asbestos fibres cannot move throughout the structure.
  • Our team will set up a negative pressure area within the plastic sheeting. This ensures any air leakage will be drawn inward and not released into the rest of the building.  We place high-efficiency particulate air filters in the negative pressure ductwork as an additional protective measure against airborne asbestos.
  • All our workers will wear protective equipment that will be put on and removed in a segregated area. This ensures the technicians are safe during the asbestos work, and that they do not bring any asbestos fibres into the rest of the building once they are done.  This equipment will be packaged and disposed of in the same way as the removed asbestos.
  • We will hang appropriate warning signs at the entrance to the work area in order to prevent other individuals from entering. In order to maintain the safest possible environment, we will not allow unauthorized individuals within the workspace.  Although potentially inconvenient, this ensures that no one is exposed to asbestos during the removal process.
  • After the asbestos is removed from the worksite, our technicians will package and dispose of all materials that might have come in contact with the carcinogen. We will also undertake a thorough cleaning of the work zone.  We first do this by performing a full wipe-down with wetted cloths, and then by using a high-efficiency particulate air filtered vacuum cleaner.

The removal process is both technically challenging and potentially hazardous.  We make your safety our #1 priority, and each of the above procedures is designed to keep you safe as we remove your asbestos.

Asbestos Repair

It may be surprising that all asbestos-containing materials do not require removal.  If the material is intact, you can safely leave it in place.  If there is damage, we may be able to repair the damage rather than engage in a more costly removal project.

If your project does not require the removal of asbestos-containing material, our team can provide you with an alternate mitigation strategy.  When repairing damaged asbestos, the two main modalities used are enclosing or encapsulating it.

Essentially, when you cover asbestos with an airtight material that prevents the release of fibres into the air, it is called enclosure.  For example, a small amount of frayed asbestos tape in an HVAC system can simply be covered with a sealing tape.  Similarly, exposed asbestos on piping may be covered by fabric lagging.

Encapsulation is accomplished by using a material, such as paint, to coat the asbestos with a more durable substance.  This sealant prevents asbestos fibres from becoming airborne.  Encapsulation may also be done by using a penetrating substance.  This material seeps into the asbestos and bonds with the fibres, preventing them from undergoing atmospheric release.

Asbestos Disposal

As you might imagine, asbestos disposal is a highly regulated part of the industry.  Having removed friable, dangerous asbestos from your building, we have to ensure it is safely and properly disposed of.

We package your asbestos waste in sealed containers that we correctly labeled as containing this hazardous substance.  Then, we transfer the containers to a government licensed asbestos disposal site.  We pledge to cut no corners with your waste – our goal is to remove it from the environment as safely as possible.

Instead of removing the asbestos to a landfill, we also can work with asbestos recyclers to dispose of the waste.  Using milling methods, extreme heat, or a thermo-chemical treatment process, we can transform your asbestos from its dangerous natural state into something far more benign.  These methods take your waste out of the environment forever, keeping everyone safe.

Why Choose The Asbestos Guys?

As you can see, there is no Brisbane company better suited to take on your asbestos project than The Asbestos Guys.  Whether you need a simple inspection or a full and complete pre-demolition abatement, we are the ones to call.

Our highly trained technicians have years of experience in this field and take the hazard of asbestos very seriously.  They do not cut corners, but take every precaution to ensure your job is done safely and effectively.

We are happy to compare our level of service against anyone’s.  If you want references, we  have hundreds of satisfied clients who still provide us word-of-mouth references on a regular basis.  We guaranteed the work we did for those customers, and we will guarantee yours as well.

There is no one better at asbestos removal in Brisbane than The Asbestos GuysContact us and let’s discuss how to get rid of your asbestos problem.